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Why should you become a Sponsor?

Becoming a Sponsor of the Capstone Program is:

  • A cost-effective way to help with your projects;
  • An important channel to  establish a pipeline with university talents to find potential hires;
  • An efficient approach to develop prototypes, evaluate new technologies, tools, and research in your business area; and
  • An opportunity to explore creative solutions to challenging and complex problems that face organizations today

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Designing Solutions for Real-World Problems

The industry-sponsored capstone program provides a unique opportunity for organizations to partner with YWCC to help educate the next generation of world-class researchers and practitioners. The collaboration provides projects and solutions of value to the sponsor, and challenges our students to apply the knowledge and tools acquired during their education to solving real-world problems.

Interdisciplinary teams of students work together to tackle projects sponsored by companies. These teams collaborate with faculty, who serve as mentors and advisers, to devise solutions that enable sponsors to meet their business needs and technology challenges.

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Three times a year, NJIT’s Osama Eljabiri makes the trip to Medellin, Colombia, as part of his Real World Connections (RWC) program.

RWC mirrors a program he started more than a decade ago in New Jersey for middle school and high school students, designed to help them innovate, create and gain real-world experience in computing skills….

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Visit a vendor at a farmers market and you’ll find many accept credit or debit cards using an attachment on their smartphone from Square or Clover….

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