Pfizer – Global Clinical Supply: Improvements in Clinical Supplies system

Pfizer is a global healthcare leader. The organization develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines. The company prides itself on the development of products that meet exceedingly high standards for quality, safety and efficacy, and are available whenever they are needed. Pfizer products help improve the health of patients in more than 125 countries globally – with more than 40 billion doses prescribed in just one year.

This project aims to analyze current CSP (end-to-end process from date submitted to delivery of the product) with a view to eliminate supply delays and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

The proposed solution for the above problem is to identify the root causes of delays in product delivery of product. The team analyzed the reasons behind these root causes through the use of visualization dashboards in order to minimize unnecessary delays. They established the co-relation between the different types of jobs and each job’s on-time delivery performance to define workable solutions to improve timely medication deliverables. Predictive analysis from the insights obtained from the visualizations can be used to predict what key factors can cause delays in product delivery in the future and how such delays can be avoided.