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It’s a great pleasure to invite you to apply to NJIT’s YWCC capstone program and submit a project proposal. Our program has a large contingent of both undergraduate and graduate Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology students.

Our capstone process consists of the following steps:

  • Request for project proposal – YWCC capstone team reaches out to prospect organizations to request submission of the project proposals. Please feel free to join our <list> to be first to know about this great opportunity.
  • Submit project proposal – Submit your project using the online submission tool
  • Acceptance of the proposal by NJIT – YWCC team reaches out to you and invites you to present your project, outline your business case to students
  • Capstone Open House – Opportunity to present your company, strategy and/or immediate project requirements; Interact with students and form the best team to work on your problem
  • Mid-term presentation – Review of work done so far and plan for rest of the semester
  • Capstone Showcase – Students present their work, respond to questions, and suggestions to an industry panel of judges and compete for Best Project Awards
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Request for project proposal

Acceptance of the proposal

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