Expectations from a Sponsor Organization:

  • Sign NJIT capstone agreement.
  • Sign and accept students signed NJIT-NDA.
  • Provide necessary resources and support to enable students complete the project.
  • Provide career opportunities, recommendation letters and recognition where possible.
  • Complete and provide sponsor evaluation form (this is a key component of the valuation of the teams).
  • Understand, support and match the learning outcomes of the capstone program (SCRUM-based life cycle: Manage, define, design, develop and evaluate).
  • Provide clear requirements, reasonable expectations and a feasible project.
  • Attendance in introductory sponsors projects open house will allow you to meet students and select your best possible team.
  • Continuous feedback during all five sprints in-class ensures better outcome.
  • Communicate at least weekly with the students and respond promptly to their questions via email and/or phone and/or in person meetings.

Responsibility of Students

  • Review and agree project brief with sponsor, including objectives, deliverables and identification of any specialist resource, computing or facilities that may be required. In addition, the team should identify, create and begin utilizing the project management tools (including Gantt charts, meeting minutes, task allocation, online shared working etc.) to allow effective working during the course of the project.
  • A thorough investigation to define the parameters and criteria to take the project forward. In addition, the team should develop an in-depth awareness of the projects risks and mitigating strategies and develop a detailed communication strategy plan.
  • The final project solution typically includes a report, which should be of strategic benefit to the client organization, accompanied by supporting code, models or designs as appropriate. Teams may also submit a reflective report on the approach and mechanisms for project planning and control, mechanisms for information management and key learning outcomes based on the project context. A presentation during showcase, where all teams are present, provides the opportunity to disseminate the work in a conference-type format.