Important dates

Timeline of Important Dates (Spring 2021)

We recognize that our Sponsors have many demands on their time. At the Ying Wu College of Computing we do our best to ensure that we minimize the amount of time required to coach and mentor students through the Capstone process. We ask that all sponsors attend our Open House presentations to students.

Next, we request that our Sponsors attend the four/five sprints as scheduled during the semester. Your attendance will depend on your team’s presentation schedule and whether this is an on-campus Sprint or not. If necessary, you can choose a representative to attend on your behalf.

Following is a summary of various important dates for the current term:

  • Industry virtual open house presentations to students: Saturday Feb 6, 2021 from 1-5PM.
  • Sprint 1: During the third week of  Feb.
  • Sprint 2: During the first week of  March.
  • Sprint 3: Midterm presentations (IN-CLASS & Virtual): Tuesday April 6th & Thursday April 8th. 
  • Sprint 4:  Final presentations  (IN-CLASS & VIRTUAL): Saturday May 1st, 2021  from 1-5PM.