The Capstone program at NJIT provides students an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge and skills in classroom setting into real-world settings and projects. These projects provide an opportunity to strengthen student’s leadership, presentation, social, communication and technical skills.

Your instructor in this program is an education architect, a mentor, advisor and a coach.

Your sponsor will present projects during an open house prior to team formation; mentor and advise teams on a periodic basis; provide final feedback.

There are no required and prescribed textbooks. Your project may require specific new technology or skills that might be needed to complete the project.

There are no quizzes or exams. Your grades will be dependent on the completion of the agreed project, final assessment by the sponsor, various sprint and final presentations.

Graduate students will also have assigned readings and expected to complete responses to few prompts through out the term. Assigned readings will normally focus on one or two relevant areas related to large software development, software architecture, or system development methodologies among other possibilities.

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